Here's a brief overview of our journey so far:

  • January - Daniel and I met at the wedding of our mutual friend, Jennifer. We immediately connected and started dating.
  • August - Daniel and I tied the knot in Flagstaff, Arizona on the top of a mountain. After returning from our honeymoon, we adopted our first furbaby, Sienna.
  • April - I got off birth control and we started trying to conceive. My cycles were irregular for about 3 months but then evened out. At the 6 month mark, I started to get concerned. I suspected a luteal phase defect (LPD). But I wanted to wait a full year before getting any testing done, hoping that it was minor enough not to cause any complications.
  • September - We finally decided to see a fertility specialist. We had all of the routine testing done, and I found out that I had either a bicornuate uterus or uterine septum. My blood-work all came back normal. We also found out that Daniel had low motility and low morphology. My RE recommended additional testing for me to determine what was up with my uterus, and referred Daniel to a Urologist.
  • October - Daniel went to the Urologist and was put on Clomid. He also found out that he had a small varicocele on his left testicle.
  • November - I was on my 3rd round of Clomid and went to the office for a routine vaginal ultrasound to check for cysts. I met with a different RE this time who diagnosed my uterine septum via ultrasound.
  • January - I had an operative hysteroscopy, and was put on estrogen for about 3 weeks afterward.
  • April - I had a post-op appointment with my RE and he performed an SHG and found that there was still about 25% of the septum left intact. He recommended I have a 2nd surgery to remove the rest. I wanted to get a second opinion.
  • August - I met with a new RE, Dr. J, who also recommended I have another surgery for my septum. But he was willing to do an IUI anyway, which is something I wanted to try. He also put me on progesterone during my luteal phase to treat my LPD.
  • September - We had our first IUI, which ended with a BFN.
  • October - Daniel had a varicocelectomy and I decided to move forward with a 2nd surgery for my septum, but this time with a gynecological surgeon.
  • November - I had a 2nd surgery for my septum and had an IUD put in place for 7 weeks afterward. I was also on Estrogen for about 8 weeks. Daniel switched from taking Clomid to Arimidex to boost his testosterone levels.
  • February - I finally had my first cycle post-op that we could actually TTC again.
  • May -  Daniel has his 7 month post op SA done, and the results aren't so good. Volume and count both increased and are in normal range, but motility decreased to 17% and normal morphology decreased to 0%. We make the decision to start saving up for IVF. 
  • October - IVF consult is scheduled for 10/16 with a new RE at a new clinic. We decide to move forward with IVF ASAP.
  • November - During my baseline ultrasound, my RE discovers a 4cm cyst that appears to be an endometrioma. We decided to put a hold on everything for 4 weeks to see if it grows or shrinks in size due to the BCP's. At the end of November, the cyst is still there and the same size. We decide to move forward with IVF and just work around it.
  • January - Our first IVF cycle has commenced! I started stims on 1/4 with an expected retrieval date on 1/15. We got our first BFP this month!!!
  • February - At our 7 week ultrasound, we found out that the embryo had stopped developing at 5w6d. We were told the cause was most likely chromosomal. Our hearts were broken.
  • March - On March 27th, after 4 weeks of bleeding I finally had a D&C to remove the remaining tissue and clots.
  • August - We were approached by an Expectant Mother who asked if we would consider adopting her baby!!!  We said yes!

  • April - Our daughter was born on April 7!  We were able to take her home right from the hospital.
  • July - The adoption is FINAL!


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I just read your timeline here. You both have gone through the ringer with testing. I see how IVF is your next step, totally. It sounds like you have a great RE. I can't wait to hear more about your journey in the upcoming months!

    1. Thank you! I'm excited and scared but I really hope it all works out for us.