Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Parallel Pregnancy

My dear friend Candace from Our Misconception is hosting an October Loss series in honor of Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness.  Here is an excerpt from my contribution.  Please click here for the full post and make sure to tune in to Candace's blog for more contributions to her loss series later this month.


I was so excited when I first found out about your pregnancy. I was 6 weeks along, and you had just announced at 8 weeks. I thought we could take pictures of the 2 of us together with our big bellies, and that someday we could schedule play dates. I thought it was so cool that I would have someone to talk to who was so close to my due date. We could compare notes and support one another as we planned and prepared for each new life.

But something changed. It happened so fast. My baby stopped growing. I was 7 weeks along, and instead of announcing to friends and family that we were expecting, I announced that we had lost the pregnancy. I was devastated. I had so much hope and had wanted this for so long. I couldn’t believe that...Continue reading.

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