Monday, April 22, 2013

Acorns and Oak Trees

So I have a horoscope app on my iPhone and I check it now and then because it usually gives good, general advice. About a week ago I read my horoscope and it really resonated with me and how I've been feeling lately, and how I'm sure a lot of women feel who are struggling to achieve a goal. Whether it's getting pregnant, saving money, or losing weight, we are all trying to reach something that seems beyond our grasp.

"You cannot expect to see how something will turn out just by looking at it now. The situation that is on your mind has a long way to go, and much will happen before it reaches fruition. If you are experiencing worry and anxiety based on how things appear to be now, that's kind of like looking at an acorn and envisioning it remaining in its tiny form forever. What you are hoping for can still manifest in your life, so stop sending out negative thoughts that rely on fear. Your acorn will become the oak tree you're hoping for."

I saved this because each time I read it, it makes me feel so much better about my situation. Just because my odds of getting pregnant right now are pretty slim, that doesn't mean I will never have a baby. I think it's natural to feel impatient, or to feel like our current circumstances will never change. But that's not true, because even though we don't feel like things are changing, each day we are getting closer to our goals just by believing in them.

I hope this gives at least one person the same hopeful outlook that I get from reading it. May we all have our very own oak tree some day!

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  1. Wow Jess, I really needed to hear that! :o) and it is so true... There is always going to be something that your working towards and we cant expect it to happen right away.