Monday, June 10, 2013

Another cycle bites the dust...

This last cycle was a weird one for me. I had 3 dreams about being pregnant. Like I said in a previous post, I rarely have dreams about that and I thought it was very odd I had 3 so close together. In one dream I was pregnant with a little girl, and I gave birth to her in a bathtub filled with water. I named her Aliya (I looked this name up and it means "ascension"). I thought maybe this dream was a good omen, so I was very hopeful this cycle.

And then the spotting started at 7dpo. I thought, "this is implantation bleeding! I've never had spotting at 7dpo before!!" But the spotting remained and I'm still spotting at 13dpo. I can tell AF is on her way because the spotting is slowly turning bright red so I should have full flow any time now. This is something I've been struggling with since I stopped birth control over 2 years ago. Also a major symptom of low progesterone.

The only thing that has worked for me as far as keeping the spotting at bay was Clomid. Instead of 6 days of spotting, I only had 3. That's a big difference for me! So a few weeks ago I saw my RE and he suggested trying Clomid again. I asked about just supplementing with progesterone instead but he prefers that we trick my body into producing it's own progesterone instead of supplementing with Prometrium. So I reluctantly agreed and walked out of there with the prescription.

Of course after I left, I remembered that Clomid had been thinning my lining (it was only 5mm at a follicle check on CD10). So I don't want to keep trying something that could fix one problem while causing another. So I called my RE today and asked if we can do Femara instead, which he approved. Femara works basically the same way as Clomid, but with less side effects. I just hate not having a plan, and while we're waiting for the urologist appointment on the 19th I need to feel like I'm being proactive in some way. 

So since I'm trying a new prescription I will start temping again! Poor Daniel will have to listen to my thermometer go off every morning but whatever :)

I'll update again next week after our urologist appointment. Good luck to everyone and have a great week!

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