Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Clomid and Low T

Most women who start fertility treatments have tried Clomid since it's the "go to" fertility drug and helps a lot of women to conceive. I've done 3 rounds already myself. But men taking it? I thought it was a little strange too. But that's what the Urologist prescribed to Daniel for his low testosterone. Yep, Daniel has "low T" caused, in part, by being overweight.

As I described in a previous post, fat cells turn testosterone into estrogen, and excessive estrogen can inhibit the production of FSH and LH in men, which are key hormones for sperm production. Both men and women have FSH and LH, but they serve a different purpose. For women, these hormones boost follicle production and help our bodies create mature, viable eggs. For men, these hormones travel to the testes and stimulate them to produce testosterone which is necessary for healthy, strong sperm.

Clomid works to boost FSH and LH in women and men, that's why it is prescribed to both in an effort to boost fertility. Clomid will counteract the effects of excess estrogen and help Daniel's body create more testosterone which hopefully equals faster super-sperm!

The sperm "cycle" takes 72 days, so it will be about 3 months before we see any difference in Daniel's swimmers. He will continue exercising and dieting to lose weight and help his body decrease estrogen levels naturally. But with both of us taking fertility meds, we're bound to have better chances conceiving. I'll have super eggs, Daniel will have super sperm, and hopefully they find a way to each other soon!

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