Thursday, October 16, 2014

IVF Consult!

We had our IVF consult today and I really couldn't be happier with how it went! The funny thing is that the fertility clinic we went to is literally located in the suite above the clinic where we did our IUI last year! I recognized the address but I didn't realize they would be so close to each other. It's only about 20 minutes from where I work so the commute won't be bad once we start cycling.

Besides the location, the doctor was great! He came out and got us from the waiting room instead of having his MA do it. He was very personable, explained things thoroughly, and answered all of my questions. He spent a total of 90 minutes with us. And even Daniel commented on how much easier he understood things with this doctor than with our previous RE's.

Dr. L, as I'll call him, agreed with us that IVF with ICSI will give us the best chances. Since we've already had a lot of the diagnostic testing done, he has a good idea what to expect but would like us to update some of it. So, he said if we're ready we can start the process as early as my next period! Which I'm expecting next week! We would need to call on cycle day 1 to schedule blood-work, an SHG, and a semen analysis. Then if things go smoothly we should be looking at a transfer mid-December!!!

As Dr. L was going over the process, he said "I hope your next period is the last one you have for a year and a half." It might sound crazy, but that almost made me cry! Can you imagine? After all this time, if this were to work on the first try, oh my gosh....I shouldn't be getting ahead of myself but I'm feeling very excited and hopeful!


  1. 90 minutes with an RE? That is remarkable!! So glad that you left feeling optimistic and comfortable with him!

    1. Thank you! I was very impressed with him. It feels good to finally find "the one" when it comes to treatment. I'm feeling very optimistic!

  2. IVF is a difficult and expensive course. I hope that you are able to maintain your optimism and excitement throughout it. Stay strong!