Thursday, February 5, 2015

Beta Results...

Sorry it's taken me so long to write this post. I had my first beta 1 week ago today, and the results were....


I was over the moon for about 5 minutes and then the worry kicked in. Is this really happening? A positive pregnancy test doesn't mean I'll have a healthy baby in 9 months. What if I have an ectopic pregnancy? What if I have a blighted ovum? What if I miscarry?

UGH....I hate this. This is what infertility has done to me.

Infertility has stolen my rose colored glasses and crushed them on the dirty, cold ground.

And what's left of me is this pessimistic, stressed out, crazy person.

I've had 2 other betas and I feel like the numbers aren't high enough and it's really bothering me.

Beta #1 = 145 (9dp5dt)
Beta #2 = 533.1 (13dp5dt)
Beta #3 = 900.3 (15dp5dt)

And I have another beta scheduled tomorrow. My nurse told me they want it to reach 1500 within 5 betas and then they will schedule the first ultrasound.

What's worrying me is that my numbers aren't doubling each time. They are only rising by about 68%. I read that it's considered normal as long as the doubling time is between 31 and 72 hours. So technically I'm in the normal window, but it still worries me. I wish that I didn't have to do all of these betas because I'm obsessing and over-analyzing them.

If my beta tomorrow still doesn't reach 1500, I will ask if we can skip another beta and just schedule an ultrasound for 6 weeks. It's causing more stress than it should and I would rather wait and actually see something on an ultrasound than use numbers to try to predict the viability of this pregnancy.

If anyone is interested, here is the website I've been using to calculate doubling time 


  1. Eeeek! The good thing is that no matter what happens you know now that you can get pregnant! Yes it took a lot of work, but it can happen and that is awesome. I'm excited to hear your story is starting to take a turn for the awesome and I hope for the best for you!
    I hope you can bring down your worry some, so you don't stress your body more than you need too! I can't wait to read more!!

    1. I've been doing much better lately with staying positive and thinking happy thoughts! This is all so new and foreign to me, I'm just trying to be grateful for each day that I know I'm pregnant. I hope this baby sticks :)

  2. yay!! Congratulations girlie!!!