Thursday, July 28, 2016

Adoption is Final!

Our adoption of baby A was finalized on July 14, so it’s officially OFFICIAL now!!!  We are so excited for A to finally share our last name.  We still have a few things left to do, such as wait on the new birth certificate naming Daniel and I as her mother and father.  Once we receive that then we’ll be able to order her Social Security Card!  Fun stuff, right?  But hey, it’s exciting for us. We aren’t just legal guardians anymore, we are legit parents!  We were before but now it’s of-fi-shul!!!

Our situation was somewhat unique in that we knew that the adoption would not be contested, so the court hearing was just the last step to finalize everything.  But it still felt great to know that A is ours forever and we are just beyond thrilled!  The judge was kind enough to snap a few pictures with us, which we will add to A’s adoption photo album.

A is almost 4 months old now and she is growing so fast!  She has already started to rollover and is babbling like crazy.  She has started to reach for and hold on to her toys and blankets.  It’s so much fun to watch her grow and I just love being her mom.  I'll try to update the blog more often, but it has been crazy especially since I went back to work at the end of June.  Life is so different now and I will continue to share updates on our little family!

For now I hope you are doing well and are having a great summer!


  1. It's great to hear an update!! Congratulations on having everything finalized, I know it's probably a huge relief. I look forward to reading more about her and your new family :)

  2. It is wonderful to hear you will have a beautiful baby joining your family. I hope everything will go well for your family.