Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Septate what?!

Hello! My name is Jessica and I'm 26 years old. My husband and I have been trying to conceive since April of 2011...it's been over 2 years now and it doesn't get any easier with time. Especially once I was diagnosed with a uterine septum. We finally decided to get fertility testing done and through this process realized that I have a very thick, deep septum dividing my uterus in half. I was told my chance of miscarriage was very high, as in 75% or higher. Even if I did get pregnant and make it to the 2nd trimester, I would still have a high risk pregnancy and potential complications like breach presentation, incompetent cervix, and preterm labor. Scary, right?

Here's a picture of the ultrasound prior to surgery:

As shocked as I was to hear this news, I was happy that this could actually be fixed. I had a hysteroscopy on January 14th which was meant to divide my septum and leave me with a "normal" uterus. After the surgery I felt pretty good and we started TTC again once I got my first period after the surgery. Then last week I went for a follow up appointment and had an SHG done (sonohystogram) which showed that the surgery was not completely successful, and that I still have about 25% of the septum intact. Fantastic. Could things get any worse?

On top of all of this we discovered that we are dealing with MFI (male factor infertility) and with our powers combined...unfortunately we don't make Captain Planet appear, or babies for that matter...

So now I just feel stuck. Should we continue trying even though there is still a septum that could cause complications? Should I rush to have another surgery? I'm not desperate (yet) so I think the 2nd surgery will wait, but I still think about TTC every day, wondering what other curve balls will be thrown our way.

So I decided to start this blog and maybe I'll find other women out there in the same or similar situation. Hopefully we can all achieve the thing we're hoping for, a family!

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