Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A 2nd Opinion

Today I saw a new RE, Dr. J, for a 2nd opinion. My last RE, Dr. T, basically said that our only chance would be with IVF. We are not ready for that yet, financially or emotionally. So I wanted to see what another RE would say about our situation. Luckily I found a practice that offered a free 2nd opinion, so I figured I have nothing to lose!

First thing he said was that I have textbook charts which show that I am ovulating regularly, but I knew that already. He also said that he would supplement with progesterone since he does that with most of his patients anyway as a precaution. You can't have too much progesterone after ovulation, so why not supplement to improve the luteal phase. He didn't seem too worried about my spotting problems but at least is willing to give me some progesterone which is an improvement over Dr. T. He also said we can do an IUI as early as next cycle, I will just need to call in on CD1 to get the first ultrasound scheduled.

I do have a few worries though since he brought up my septum. During the ultrasound he measured it to be about 2 cm in length. He suggested that I see a specialist to determine whether it's worth having a 2nd surgery or not. So Dr. T didn't think I would need a 2nd surgery, Dr. J is on the fence, and I really don't want one. I'm just stressing about this because what if I miscarry? Then all that time and money spent on an IUI would be wasted and I would end up getting the surgery anyway. But what if the egg implants somewhere other than the septum? Then I would likely have a successful pregnancy. I'm not sure what my odds are either way but I have to have a little faith at this point.

So I think we're going to move forward with our first IUI next cycle and pray that it works on the first try! That may be naive of me but I'm just ready to try something new; 29 months is a long time to wait for those 2 pink lines to show up. These next 6 or 7 weeks will be a test of my faith, but I'm going to try my hardest to stay positive and pray for a miracle! FX!!!

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