Monday, September 2, 2013

Baseline scan for IUI #1

So we are finally moving forward with IUI this cycle, if all goes to plan. I had my baseline scan today and no major issues came up. There was some kind of cyst or something on my left ovary, it just looked like a white line and he said it's probably something left over from a prior ovulation and will probably go away on it's own. On my right ovary I had a follicle measuring 12mm. He seemed surprised at this and I hope it's not a bad sign! Is it too early to develop a follicle of that size?

My RE was hesitant to move forward with IUI without getting an updated SA from Daniel so he'll be scheduling that for later this week just to be sure his numbers haven't changed much (if they have I hope it's a positive change!). Then he gave me a script for 25 mg of Clomid to take CD4-8.

So if nothing has changed with Daniel, or if there have been improvements, then we should be good to go for the IUI. As long as that folly of mine doesn't grow to be a cyst or something! I wish that we could afford another mid-cycle ultrasound around CD10 to check up on it but unfortunately we can't and will have to wait until CD14 for our follicle check. CD14 sounds a little late but historically I've ovulated on CD15-16 when taking Clomid so hopefully my body doesn't go crazy and ovulate early on me. I'll be using OPK's and was told to call them if I surge prior to my appointment so we can move up the IUI if needed.

I have to say that I left the appointment feeling very unsure of this whole thing. What if Daniel's sperm has gotten worse? What if that 12mm follicle I have develops into a cyst? What if the timing is all off? I keep thinking of the worst case scenario and I would be so bummed if they had to cancel this cycle for any of these reasons. I'm going to try my best to stay positive and I'll be praying that everything works out and we finally get our BFP!!! So if you can, please say a prayer for me that this all works out for us. I'm so tired of waiting to start a family. After 2 and half years of hoping, we just want this journey to have a happy ending already.

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