Thursday, November 7, 2013

Surgery experience #2

I had my 2nd septum surgery on Wednesday, Nov. 6th. It was a much different experience than my first surgery in a couple of ways. 1) I had a different doctor doing the surgery and the location was different 2) I reacted to the anesthesia differently this time and 3) the doc placed an IUD after the surgery instead of a balloon catheter, like I had the first time.

Coming out of the surgery I was very much out of it and don't remember much. Apparently I was using profane language and telling one of the nurses that I was preparing for the zombie apocalypse. Hopefully they got a good laugh from my anesthetic stupor.

Dr. Roy told Daniel there was more of the septum left than she had anticipated, taking up about 1/3 of my uterus. She was confident that she divided the full septum and then she placed the Paragard IUD as a stint. The IUD will stay there for 6 weeks.

I was also given Estradial to take twice daily for the next 6 weeks to help my lining cover up the septal area and assist the healing process.

As far as pain goes, it's been pretty minimal. I've had some moderate cramping and have been bleeding off and on, but no major pain. In fact I feel ready to go back to work tomorrow, just 2 days after the surgery.

I have a follow up scheduled for 6 weeks from now to remove the IUD and check the inside of the uterus to make sure the septum is gone and that everything has healed properly. Once she removes the IUD we can start TTC again.

I really hope this was the last time I'll need a surgery for this. It's been a rough year for me and I'm hoping that we'll finally get pregnant in 2014! 

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