Monday, October 28, 2013

2 Surgeries

Well it's been a few weeks since my last post and I have a few updates to share. Daniel had a Varicocelectomy on October 18th. He had a varicocele on his left testicle so they "tied off" some of the veins and hopefully his fellas won't overheat so much anymore. It takes about 6 months to fully recover from this procedure (from a TTC standpoint) so for the moment our baby-making is on hold.

I figured since we're on a forced break, and 3 doctors have recommended that I get another surgery to remove the rest of my septum, that we might as well get my surgery over with too. So I scheduled my 2nd septum resection with a different doctor; she is a gynecological surgeon and this is her specialty, so I hope she does a good job and that I'll never have to worry about my stupid septum ever again.  Plus, my new doctor, Dr. Roy, said that instead of using a balloon catheter she might use an IUD instead to prevent the uterine walls from touching and allow the uterus to heal properly. I like this idea and hope that it works out for the best and that I have a fully functioning, "normal" uterus by the time this is all over.

So other than that not much is going on. I must say that this break was much needed, I'm sure you can tell that from my previous post. I've been feeling a very strong sense of abandonment and anger on a spiritual level. I'm starting to lose faith in everything I once believed in. I just don't feel like anyone is watching out for me.

Hopefully I can snap out of it soon and in the next few months build my strength so when we can start trying again, I can have hope and believe that we might actually get what we've been praying for, a baby.

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