Saturday, September 14, 2013

Follicle Scan and 1st Trigger Shot!

Yesterday was CD14 and I went in the morning to get my follicle scan and schedule my first IUI. I was very nervous because I've never been monitored like this so really didn't know what to expect. So Dr. J started out checking my follicle sizes and I had a 33mm follicle on my right ovary! I asked, "Is that normal?" and he responded "Well I'm glad we didn't have you taking more than 25mg of Clomid! That's a King Kong follicle!" LOL! He did warn me there is a risk of the follicle turning into a cyst because of it's large size but that I should still ovulate from it this cycle.

Okay, so the 33mm (aka King Kong) is the major player this cycle. But I also had a 17, 15, and a 12 on my left ovary. Dr. J said there is potential for the 17 and the 15 to release an egg as well. He explained the chance for triplets is very low, at about 1%. I'm a little worried about the thought of twins, but I think it's something we can work with.

Next he checked my lining and it was 7.55 in the lower part of the uterus and 7.7 in the "septal region" as he called it. I'm hoping it thickens up a few more mm's by the time of my IUI but he seemed fine with it.

Because that follicle is so ginormous, Dr. J only wanted me to do half a trigger this time. The trigger he prescribed originally was 10,000 miu of Pregnyl (HCG) so he asked me to just do 5,000 instead. So last night at 11:30 my poor husband had to give me the shot. I prepped it for him and all he had to do was give me the shot. He was so good about it! I'm glad he doesn't have the same issues with needles as I do otherwise I'm not sure I could have given myself the shot. I will be testing out the trigger since this is my first time having one; I want to know how quickly my body metabolizes the HCG.

I will also be starting progesterone suppositories (yay!) on Wednesday or Thursday next week (3dpo) and will be taking them until I get AF or if I'm pregnant continue taking them until I'm about 12 weeks along. I'm so glad I will finally be taking progesterone! It's something I thought was an issue since about 6 months of TTC so I hope to continue using it every cycle if it solves my spotting issues.

Since everything looked good we scheduled our IUI for tomorrow morning, Sunday September 15th! I'm really excited and nervous at the same time. I just have such high hopes for this to work and I'm going to try my best to think positive during my 2 week wait. I know that I only have a 25% chance to get pregnant from this so we are prepared to do multiple IUI's if needed, but it would be so wonderful if it worked the first time! So please send positive thoughts and prayers for me! I will definitely need them tomorrow!

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